If you would like to order one of the 30 pieces VCO J11 and / or 30 pieces VCF J21, fill in your details below and we will contact you soon.

These modules are only available during the Japan TFoM and KFoM festivals or via this link until limited stock expires.

Because these modules have limited availability, we cannot guarantee that the number you require can be supplied.

Sales price ReBach VCO J11: 390 euros incl VAT excl. shipping costs.
Sales price Rebach VCF J21: 375 euros incl VAT excl. shipping costs.

Shipping costs depend on the destination. After your order request we will confirm the total costs.

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Select the desired quantity


Given the limited availability, we cannot guarantee that there will still be stock at the time of your request.

Orders received will be invoiced after your approval.
We ship within two working days after receiving payment. Orders for which payments are received after November 7 will ship in the first week of December after the TFoM and KFoM. We only accept payments via bank transfer or Wise.

This is not a final order but an order request. After completing the information, we will contact you to confirm that the order has been assigned to you, after which we will invoice.