okt 2017




Voltage Controlled 2-pole Eurorack Filter

a filter that you have to tame ! 

Developed for bass applications and also applicable for FX, with extremely rough sound and deep frequency range!

Create deep percussive bass sounds or extreme effects, rough sounding sequences due its pre-filter distortion and even bass drum sounds with its extreme self oscillation !


More technical details at download page.

May 2018



Voltage Controlled Eurorack Oscillator

an unique way to make sound ! 

The GR11 Voltage Controlled Oscillator is a simple but powerfull SAW core oscillator tuned for bass applications but also applicable as semi-LFO. The GR11 VCO generates four waveforms (SAW / SQUARE with PWM / TRI / SUB SQUARE ).

The GR11 has a unique SUB section which generates a square waveform that can be adjusted in four parts. Extremely well applicable for bass! Use it as LFO or even as simple voltage / frequency controlled 4-step sequencer or modulate a second GR11 for wide range of deep sounds or FX.


More technical details at download page.


Jul 2018

 MIX GR61  available now


3CH Eurorack mixer


a small mixer for audio and CV signals
Ideal for use next to the GR11 VCO






Sep 2018

CATCH STV  available now


Eurorack S-trigger converter


Convert S trigger to V trigger or V trigger to S trigger.
For use with S-trigger synths from Moog, Korg and Yamaha.

Connect your old drum computer or sequencer to your Eurorack and relive the beautiful times of your classic equipment!